Companies have spent millions to restrict themselves to the thing that you, the individual, have had from birth: an identity.

In tennis, at 40-40 the odds have been evened and the stakes are high for both sides.

If you’re serving, this point buys yourself a small reprieve… If you’re receiving, this point – your advantage – is your foot in the door to win the game, break your opponent’s serve, possibly turn the tide of the set, maybe even the match.

The world has been at 40-40 between two competing paradigms: the reigning Industrial Economy and the incumbent Connection Economy.

Industrial Age companies have spent millions of dollars on branding because they know we don’t buy things because we need them, we buy things because we identify with them.

The paradox big companies now face is that although they can reach the entire world thanks to the web, by definition they must restrict their brand to a specific tone, personality, voice & promise.

If they try to be all things to all people, they’ll end up speaking to no one.

Companies have spent millions to restrict themselves to what you as an individual, have had from birth: an identity.

For the first time in the world, the momentum has shifted from the big guy to the little guy.

Its now ‘Your Advantage’.

What will you do with this point?

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