Late last week, Facebook dropped a bomb by announcing the launch of Facebook Live – its new live video streaming service and Periscope killer.

There really isn’t a whole lot different about Facebook Live compared to Periscope, so the reason Facebook rolled out this service isn’t about technical innovation – this is about maintaining market leadership and quashing threats.

This behaviour isn’t new – Facebook did this years ago when it incorporated native Check-Ins into its Mobile App, effectively killing FourSquare.

Periscope had a world beating idea, however their problem in accepting acquisition from Twitter was that over 4 times more of their target audience of influencers (tribe leaders) and audience (tribes) were on Facebook.

It was a no brainer that Facebook, on a mission to make the world more connected, had to have this connection technology for themselves.

Facebook, sadly, demonstrated yet again that the game today is won by the leader of tribe leaders.

I’m a huge fan and advocate of Periscope, but I’ve seen this writing on the wall before.

Building your own tribe is already a given.

But have you started leading your tribe leaders?

Leading leaders (aka Facebook vs Periscope)
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