The beauty of online marketing is that we have data for everything.

The danger of online marketing is that we have data for everything.

We can become so overly fixated on the numbers that we can forget our real mission – to delight the customer.

We miss the forest for the trees.

On monday it was revealed that VW had gamed their diesel cars to beat the regulatory system but in doing so have now failed on every front with the customer.

By all reports VW’s gaming of the system involves deliberate lying and cheating, which doesn’t apply to 99% of us… however there is a lesson all of us can draw from this:

What are you measuring as a ‘win’ – and why?

Does what you are measuring ultimately matter to the end customer (not the regulatory body, or Google or Facebook or ‘platform x’)?

The danger comes when we fixate time and resources on numbers the customer doesn’t even know or care about instead of actually delighting them.

Perhaps now is a good time for us all to see if what we are measuring truly matters.

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