July 2, 2015

Choke Point

At a recent Startup Grind meetup, I was fortunate to hear GM, Natasha Bautista, share the journey of Grab Taxi – a company that is disrupting the taxi industry *and* beating Uber in the Philippines.

In listening to her story, there was one part of Grab Taxi’s marketing strategy that made my ears prick up – their primary customers weren’t the end consumers hailing the taxis, but the taxi drivers themselves. Grab Taxi knew that if they could get the taxi drivers on side, that these influencers will naturally spread the Grab Taxi story to their intended end recipients.

For Grab Taxi, these taxi drivers were their ‘Choke Points‘ – if they got their strategy right with this segment, all else would follow.

Is there a way you can powerfully reach your end consumers through their influencers.

Who are your choke points?

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  1. So true. I think at uni they called this pull rather than push marketing.


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