Google Analytics in the time of Coronavirus//Co-Vids Ep. 2

Bad companies are destroyed by crisis. Good companies survive them. Great companies are improved by them.

Andy Grove

Welcome back to our second Co-Vid episode with Damion Brown of Data Runs Deep to share how the Coronavirus has affected people’s online behavior and what we should be looking at inside Google Analytics now to pivot to these changes.

If you missed what we covered in Episode 1 with Raoul from Conversionry, click here.

However, just because inventory is up, this does not mean buyers are up. We will explore more of this in the upcoming sections. 

What Trends Are We Noticing?

Brands are now having to do more with a lot less. What this means now is that we are seeing more focus on optimizing different elements across campaigns to gain more insight. The benefit here, as we have mentioned before – there are a lot more eyeballs or volume online.

What Can Brands Do?

Look at your own website’s search results. What are the things that you did not expect your audience or customers to be searching for? Are there any products that you can elevate to the homepage of your website that’s been gaining interest? Or could you create a banner on-site to help promote that?

Consider how you can change how you deliver content to promote your products or services. Explore what is possible if you added some more technology through the customer’s journey that coul help improve the user’s experience.

Responses from Product and Service Businesses

We have seen that businesses that are Business to Business (B2B) are going to struggle mainly due to the uncertainty across industries. Furthermore, for B2B businesses, we are seeing a decrease in traffic as well as the quality leads can vary greatly.

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What to look for in your Analytics

Your turn

Over to you now!

What has helped you navigate COVID-19?

Have you made any pivots that you would recommend to others?

Intention creates power

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