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seconds to seize the idea
minutes to flesh it out
hours to back your hunch
days to prototype
weeks to build the team
months to go to market
years to change your world

What can you do in ten?

65+ Brands. 13 Countries. 10 Years.


Ten years of powering Australia’s favourite brands

Sarah Prescott
We absolutely love working with Intentional! We are so thankful for the work they’ve done to set up our digital advertising strategy
Elad Admon
Intentional is the first agency who actively encouraged us to get a worse ad account ROAS, in order to achieve a greater Shopify revenue result. If you’re looking for a way to grow your brand cross-border, I recommend Intentional
Canon collaborated with Intentional to deliver the integrated digital strategy for the global launch of the world’s 1st commercial inkjet. Intentional were able to deliver a carefully considered, retail appropriate, integrated, digital strategy that exploited the strengths of the new technology in ‘layman’ terms. From this launch, Canon was able to see its own technology in a new light with much of the digital and creative strategy sent back to Global Head Office to use as reference for future launches.
Rex Kuo
As a brand that heroes intentional living, we love the intentional approach to our digital ad campaigns. If you want an agency focussed on feeding your winners, and a desire to remove all other distractions apart from growing your brand. I recommend Intentional.
Kristy Breed
Le Rose
Intentional have continued to grow our online sales YoY at exponential rates. We are so thankful to have a partner who chooses to understand our business and customer, using that insight to do what they do best.
Brian Xerri
I found Intentional a valuable part of the marketing program for the STAINMASTER* flooring brand at INVISTA. They consistently provided great insights and recommendations to grow our on-line presence for the brand, year in, year out. I can recommend them to any company seeking to grow their profile on-line.
Andrew Smith
Since Day 1, Intentional has been able to deliver on the data-driven approach to advertising that many speak of, but few deliver on. Through multiple iterations of the albumworks brand, we have relied on their digital advertising knowledge to keep our photo-books at the forefront of customers minds
Clem Robin
At Knog we’re obsessed with making innovative, best-in-class products. Intentional obsess about delivering best-in-class social advertising results.
Marc Shrapnel
Thermoskin (UPI)
Intentional is the right partner for UPI. They continue to help lead our digital expansion, striking the balance in building Awareness while delivering ROI across our Thermoskin, Sea-Band & BetterYou brands.
Logan Merrick
Sitting Pretty
Intentional’s results oriented, no-fuss approach to digital advertising is a perfect match for Sitting Pretty.

$36m+ Ad Spend Under Management in Ten Years


Ten lessons from ten years

We’ve had the privilege of being trusted to advertise some of Australia’s — and the world’s — most loved brands.

In that time, we’ve seen both the highs and lows of doing business online with our clients. So here are ten lessons our team have learned from our first decade.

Dream Big, Risk in Public


We’ve worked with Thankyou team from the very first crowd-sourced social media campaign in 2011 to get Thankyou Water into 7 Eleven, to getting the entire Thankyou Food & Bodycare range into Coles and Woolworths, to the recent launch of their ‘No Small Plan’ in the middle of last year’s pandemic!

There are many lessons we could share working with the team, but one stands above all …

The Thankyou lesson

Mistakes make us stronger


SMK run multiple courses in multiple states, multiple times per year and each with multiple phases.

Over a single 12 month period, we guesstimated that we had handled around 3,000 pieces of content to support all of SMK’s activities online.

With this many pieces of creative, and multiple people involved in the delivery, mistakes were bound to happen…

The SMK lesson

The money is in the list


There’s a saying in email marketing circles: “The money is in the list”.

We translated that lesson to the digital advertising space with WA disrupter brand, Kleenheat.

We spent years formulating a digital full funnel Performance Branding solution we call ACD. The key lies in investing not in impressions, CPMs or even CPAs – but in strategically building Audience lists.

The Kleenheat lesson

Invent your own Event


Not unlike a lot of businesses, albumworks has traffic peaks based on seasonal gifting periods.

The problem that we faced was that there was a very large gap between two particular seasonal periods that was proving challenging to bridge with regular promotions.

Solving this problem meant we had to think outside the box…

The albumworks lesson

Principles Cost


When Patagonia approached us to help them with their digital ad strategy, we had questions.

Patagonia are famous for running a business whose objective is to Save the Planet.

Before even thinking about ads, we had to understand how to use advertising to meet both their sales and environmental goals – all the while, not alienating audiences with what could be perceived to be conflicting messaging.

The Patagonia Lesson

Compounding Community


The Orbitkey brand launched from the crowd-funding community back in 2013.

Rather than moving on from this original backing of the brand, for every key product launch Orbitkey has returned to crowd-funding to kickstart their new projects.

This is not just about clever marketing, but from a focus on community first. Often making design and colour way changes on feedback. Each new launch seems to be breaking new records!

The Orbitkey lesson

Run your 
own race

Sitting Pretty

Taryn & Logan are that rare breed of human who know how to stay in their own lane.

They measure their success against their own metrics.

This includes the instruction to not compete against competitors on branded search terms. For an agency who think in systems, this constraint presented a unique challenge and a series of fresh learnings on how to grow a brand.

The Sitting Pretty lesson

Mix Business with Friendship

Le Rose

Breaking all the rules on family & friends in business.

Helen & Kristy have harnessed the power of their friendship to be the heart of their brand. This connection behind the scenes flows through into their product design and marketing.

Full of generosity and love, it’s no surprise that Brides make Le Rose a special part of their big day.

The Le Rose lesson

Go far together

Google & Facebook

There’s a famous African proverb that says: “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together”.

We’ve been a Google Partner agency since inception, but everything changed in 2016 when Google invested in us through their new Premier Partners program and Facebook followed suit a few years later with their Marketing Partners PRO program.

The Google & Facebook lesson

Give back

Data Runs Deep

For a specialist Analytics agency, Data Runs Deep are surprisingly ‘human’ in all their dealings.

We’ve been fortunate to have journeyed with Data Runs Deep over the years and if there’s one thing we notice (outside of their Analytics expertise), its that they regularly give back to industry.

The Data Runs Deep lesson

Ten years of partnering with industry giants

Sarah Rundle
Since their inception, Intentional has continually put their clients results first. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on our platform
Monica Pietrowski
The Intentional ACD framework is a perfect alignment for clients looking to nail Performance Branding on Facebook
Damion Brown
Data Runs Deep
Since meeting Intentional in 2013, we didn’t recommend any other advertising consultancy to our clients. They care about the technology, they care about their people, they care about the community… but most of all they care about performance. Thank you to Intentional for all the great work down the years!
James Fitzgerald
Social Media Knowledge
Having trained the marketing teams of leading blue chips like BMW, Ralph Lauren & Bacardi-Ricard in both the UK and Australia, I know the calibre of agencies that are on the scene, and Intentional is the only digital agency I would recommend here.
Independent Audit Statement
Trinity P3
The process undertaken by Intentional reflects sound practice, underpinned by all requisite support systems available given the current service set up.A healthy level of transparency exists which always affords better performance to client rather than agency goals.
Shaun Ernst
Email Experts
I’ve worked with Intentional for years. They build the right strategy for their clients, and then execute as seasoned pros across all digital advertising spaces.

Intention creates power

Julia Cameron

What can we do together in ten?

We exist to help convert your brand’s full potential online using digital advertising. Take the next step and book a complimentary discovery call with us.

Ten thousand hours is the
magical number of greatness

Malcolm Gladwell

We are

Nothing happens without fantastic people.

Very rarely do we put the spotlight on ourselves, but with 10 years and over 500,000 hours of focused digital advertising expertise, this is our chance to celebrate the team that makes the magic happen!

Eli Cruz

15,000+ hours

Eli is our longest serving team member and has come a long way from starting with us in Google Search!

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping

  • Google Merchant Center

  • Channable Feed Mgmt

David Tieu

13,000+ hours

David brings years of offline, retail + lead-gen experience with online data science to bring the best of search and business intelligence.

  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio

Joshua Burke

20,000+ hours

Known in the industry as ‘The Weapon,’ Josh comes from a startup background, combining business savvy, coding + infrastructure know-how with Google ads expertise.

  • Google Search
  • Google Display Network
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Senior Strategist

Chantel Carnes

20,000+ hours

Chantel is our resident Facebook expert & strategist! Prior to joining us she was a Facebook gun for hire, and brings years of experience to the table.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Copywriter
  • Facebook Catalog
  • Facebook Media Buyer
  • Facebook Senior Strategist

Gal Krohn

3,000+ hours

Gal is our most recent team member and future gun! She started the day before lockdown and has never looked back!

  • Customer Success
  • Junior Media Planner
  • Beauty Specialist

Chris Fraser

20,000+ hours

Chris is our Client Relationship management extraordinaire – bridging the gap between Client onboarding, briefings and ad flight operations. Oh, and he’s not a bad cook as well!

  • Customer Success
  • Facebook Media Planner
  • Google Media Planner
  • CEO

Adam Sugihto

24,000+ hours

Adam is both founder and lead Operations manager. Over the years he’s had his hand in almost every piece of the digital pie from webdev, creative, copywriting, email marketing and analytics to media strategy + buying.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Funnel Reporting
  • Founding Principal, COO

We overestimate what we can do in one year
but underestimate what we can do in ten.

First, ten.

This, in two words, is the secret of new marketing.

Find ten people.

Ten people who trust you/respect you/need you/listen to you.

Those ten people need what you have to sell, or want it.

And if they love it, you win. If they love it, they’ll each find you ten more people (or a hundred or a thousand or, perhaps, just three). Repeat.

If they don’t love it, you need a new product. Start over.

Your idea spreads. Your business grows. Not as fast as you want, but faster than you could ever imagine.

You can no longer market to the anonymous masses. They’re not anonymous and they’re not masses. You can only market to people who are willing participants. Like this group of ten.

3 years from now, this advice will be so common as to be boring. Today, it’s almost certainly the opposite of what you’re doing.



Can you use ten?

Are you a NFP, Charity or Social Enterprise? 10 years ago, we started off by donating a portion our time to helping good causes with their digital advertising. Today we’re coming full circle and so for the rest of 2021 we’re donating 10 hours of our time each month towards digital advertising strategy and/or implementation for NFPs, Charities and NFPs. Places are limited, so apply today!

$108 million+ in acquisition value
driven for brands online over ten years*

*Multiply to include Lifetime Customer Value

Good shit
takes time

Maria has been a friend of Intentional’s 
for almost our entire ten years.

She is one of a handful of typographers & letterers in Melbourne, collaborating on brand identity with Nike, McCann, Charlie’s Cookies & The University of Melbourne amongst others.

Working across Melbourne & Barcelona for over 19 years, she has been a keynote speaker at design events in Australia and overseas for Adobe, Type Paris, Typism and The Design Conference.

She is perhaps most well known for her ‘Shit series’ but most proud of her work on her own custom typeface called ‘Green Fairy’.

To keep growing toward our potential, we have to be intentional

John Maxwell