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Back in the 50’s, legendary Herman Miller creatives Charles and Ray Eames (pictured) designed the furniture that would ultimately be found in every post-war home across America.

Their philosophy was to create (clarifications in brackets):

The Best (products) for the Most (people) for the Least (cost)

Today, Herman Miller still sells Eames furniture – the cheapest plastic chair being well over US $300.

Clearly, no longer the Best for the Most for the Least.

What happened?

The philosophy of the Best for the Most for the Least was built on Industrial Age Economics – relying on mass production, mass scale and mass broadcast (one way) advertising to an attentive and post-war rebuilding society flush with cash and optimism but low on resources and choice.

The environment today couldn’t be further opposite.

Today, we are all well and truly in a new Connection Economy. One-way broadcast advertising has been replaced with two way, permission marketed, social media conversations and the web has allowed us to find and form tribes with people across the globe who are just as weird as us in one interest or three.

In short, mass scale and mass production have given way to mass fragmentation and niche of niche communities while over 50 years of consumerism has led to an abundance of choice – and plenty of waste.

The old Industrial Age rules are now broken.

How Herman Miller have adapted is a masterful bait-and-switch.

Today, they are no longer providing The Best for the Most for the Least.

They recognise the new reality of doing business in the Connection Economy means they instead need to provide:

The Best (products) for the Least (people) for the Most (cost)

There is today a closing arbitrage window for others, who like Herman Miller, recognise they too must be brave enough to disrupt themselves and overturn ‘the way we’ve always done things’ in order to succeed in the Connection Economy.

Every Industrial Age niche is fair game for disruption (see UberAirBnB, Xero and daily stories of countless new disruptors) – the choice today is to disrupt, or be disrupted.

For the same reason, we too exist to provide: The Best for the Least for the Most.

This means we deliberately don’t say yes to every job, nor do we try to build relationships with everybody.

Instead, we build relationships with the vital few. The few who are prepared to take the leap into the Connection Economy. The few who are prepared to fail. The few who are prepared to become artists.

Our side of the bargain is that, we too must also be artists – pushing forward the art of marketing online with the digital canvasses we are given.

In order to do this we don’t do everything.

Our vital few is Adwords Search, Adwords Display, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

In essence all we do is Pay Per Click Advertising.

That’s it.

We say no to many things so we can say yes to the one thing well that we do to deliver maximum value to our clients.

We’re not a ‘full service’ agency. No web development. No SEO. No Community Management. No Google Analytics. No Tag Management.

That said, over the years we have built several trusted industry partnerships with other specialist agencies, so we can tactically assemble a team with complementary services where and when necessary.

In short, we are a specialist, high service Pay Per Click Advertising agency (and Google Certified Partner) based in Melbourne, Australia.

Adam Sugihto

About the Director

“Adam was instrumental in helping Canon launch a World First product in Australia creating strong adoption and ongoing momentum. – KC Lu, Senior Marketing Manager, Canon”

Adam Sugihto is the founder of Intentional and is fortunate to count Perry Marshall (who wrote the book on Adwords, literally) as a personal mentor and has been part of his Digital Advertising Mastermind Group based in Chicago for several years.

Since 2009, Adam and the Intentional Team have driven online advertising for companies in global markets such as Prague, Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai, Bangkok, New York and LA; as well as working in the Australian domestic market with brands such as Canon, Wesfarmers, Officeworks, Target, Thankyou Group, Brotherhood of St Laurence & Engineers Without Borders, among others.

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