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The Intentional Guide To Better Advertising

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Are you maximising your online potential?


No matter what you do, your ROAS is slowly but surely slipping backwards in the face of greater competition. Worse still, the things that used to work before no longer work now because of the algorithms.


CAN'T SCALE Responsibly?

Not sure how to measure Branding and Awareness for scale? Permanently stuck at the Bottom of the Funnel and unsure how to responsibly invest at the Top and Middle of Funnel yet still justify results?

growing frustrated with the status quo

Do you find yourself asking whether this is as good as it gets? Does it feel like whatever you try the results are always the same.

Thinking of going inhouse?

We often hear from clients frustrated with hearing the same old lines from agencies that they are now exploring taking their digital advertising in house to try and achieve their scale.

is your roas real?

Confused as to how your agency keeps reporting such positive ROAS. Yet your total Revenue is not growing at the same pace.

copycats invading your space?

A common Intentional introduction is clients who experience hockey-stick growth, until the me-too’s came and their agency had no answers. 

GOING cross-border?

Watched the Webinars. Built your Lookalikes. Optimised the campaigns. But your US, UK or EU sales cannot compete with AU.

Feel like a passenger, not the pilot?

Our model of growth means Intentional and our clients have key responsibilities in order to achieve the growth. Our clients are co-pilots in their success.

Going Global? Download our Cross-Border Checklist.

Edition 002: The Intentional Guide To Better Advertising

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Digital Advertising Services

Paid Social

Intentional are a Facebook Preferred Marketing Partner. We have been driving Facebook & Instagram Advertising since 2014.

Google Ads

We started with Adwords Search back in 2011. Today we are a Google Premier Partner across Search, Display, Shopping & YouTube advertising.

Video Advertising

The not so secret weapon to dominate digital advertising. However, this medium has been under utilised and is a key ingredient to a successful long term brand & global expansion.

Creative Direction

Intentional offer creative briefs across all mediums for our clients to action OR we can manage with our trusted team of contractors

Full Funnel

While everyone is talking Digital Marketing Funnels. We choose to simply look at using the traditional marketing funnel using the best of digital.


Live Dashboards and detailed quarterley commentary.

time to get intentional
The IntentionalWay™️ is built upon proven traditional marketing methods for the Digital Age

While the industry has become obsessed with short term success metrics for digital. We believe that in order to convert the potential of Maker Brands globally it needs an even blend of short term and long term investments.

The stumbling block for many brands has been in calculating the investment into each tier of the funnel. 

Intentional have invested Millions$$$ across the globe since 2011. Using these learnings to create The IntentionalWay™️ for Brands who are using digital advertising to build a long term business.

The Advertising Diagnostic (Audit) enables Intentional to evaluate how we can best help scale your efforts. It’s a 76 point deep dive into your Structure, Measurement, Audiences & Creative.

Based on the Diagnostic we create the plan for the first 90 days for your brand. This will likely be a heavier focus on your ‘home’ country and core channels. We have to make sure the baseline is strong, to have confidence in scaling globally. 


We will also be giving you some action items regarding creative & landing page improvements. The goal to have them all completed by the end of the launch period.

After 90 days we would have actioned the Launch plan. Established a baseline. And be confident of which Audiences we are ready to graduate.

Together with your action items on Creative & Landing Page we will be ready to expand into new channels and markets. 

Every month our Intentional specialists will be making improvements to your ad accounts and seeking new creative options.

A monthly dashboard will be delivered, highlighting any key wins/losses.

Every 3 months (or season whichever is most appropriate) we will co-ordinate a review of performance and set new objectives together

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The Intentional Guide to Better Advertising

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“To keep growing toward our potential, we have to be intentional”
John Maxwell