Even if you have 500 friends on Facebook, you don’t see every post from every one of them.

Why not?

Underpinning Facebook is the EdgeRank algorithm that learns who you have interactions with, then filters your newsfeed so you only see posts from people you actually care

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“Make and you will make more”

Djordje Dokic

Give it away, give it away, give it away now
– Red Hot Chili Peppers

Musicians for the most part have accepted the fact that they’re most probably not going to make their money by selling millions of albums.

With the onslaught of iTunes, Spotify & Pandora

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Video killed the radio star
– The Buggles

TV is its own distinct medium but shares many characteristics of what came before (radio).

The mistake, though, would be to only see these similarities and thus treat a TV show as simply radio with pictures.

The reality is that

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Facebook Website Retargeting

Less than 30 days ago I wrote about my top 3 new PPC advertising opportunities for 2014.

Now I’m going to have to add another:

* Photo Credit: Andrew Feinberg; via Compfight

Native Facebook Website Remarketing

Website remarketing in and of itself is old news for Adwords

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“In today’s parity world, creativity is the last remaining competitive advantage in business”

Todd Sampson

80% of results tend to come from 20% of causes
– The 80/20 Rule

Science lessons in school taught us that ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’.

That may be true of simple, contained science experiments but its not true of complex systems &#8211

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