Its official, I'm calling 2014 the year of the PPC Wars. The history of the internet has seen Netscape vs Internet Explorer. Windows vs Mac. iOS vs Android. Now its well and truly Adwords vs Facebook Ads.

As the world continues to progress, consumers are climbing ever up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

Rarely are we providing goods or services today to meet physical or personal safety needs – smart marketers aim for the next tier up, speaking to our need for love

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We have become so used to using the phrase ‘State of the Art’ to describe new gadgets from a technological point of view.

Its ironic that a phrase that announces someone’s breakthrough – the victory over risk, the overcoming of fear, pushing back of

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“Take your pleasure seriously”

Charles and Ray Eames

“… within a group of talented people, what separated the best from the rest was how long and how intently they worked” –
– David Epstein

Every decision to fit something new in your life/business is a decision to squeeze something else out.


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Google Call Forwarding in Australia

Not too long ago I wrote about the top 3 new PPC features I saw as the killer opportunities for this year.

Within 30 days of writing that post, Facebook introduced the ability to do native

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Blog Posts via Snail Mail

Photo Credit: YaaL via Compfight cc

Lets face it, its not only our Twitter and Facebook streams that move so quickly that we miss important updates.

Our email inboxes have also gotten to the point where we miss important emails.

The last inbox that still moves slow enough that

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