“We were an outstanding 20th century organisation but that was of little use in the 21st century”

– General Stan McChrystal on his realisation that the US Military, built for efficiency at scale, was losing to terror cells built on decentralised connection

Facebook from day one, has always enjoyed one seemingly trivial (back in the day) benefit: users login as themselves and for 99% of users, only have a single account. Google users however can have: No logins. ie. when simply using Google search, Multiple logins. ie. personal and work gmail, or Multiple accounts for different services (eg. one account for Gmail, one for Adwords/Analytics) What this means for Google is that ...
'Best Practise' comes from the idea that there is 'one best way' to do things. This works for closed Industrial systems - provide the right inputs in the right order to the right system and get the right output. Marketing on the web however, is now not a closed, one-to-many industrial system, but an ...
There's much buzz regarding the rise of the Internet of Things and rightfully so. However as has been the trend in every other area disrupted by the web, the real breakthrough for most brands won't be the machine to machine communication that can occur when all of our devices are connected to the internet (though there will be *massive* transformative value here). The real opportunity for brands will be ...
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I'm a self confessed sneaker fan. Over recent years, I've noticed the rise and rise of the Cross Collaboration, or 'X'. In fact, a look at just today's top stories reveals that 7 of the 21 new releases are X collabs. What's with all these X's?

“Efficiency, once the sole icon on the hill, must make room for adaptability”

– General Stanley McChrystal

What's the goal of your brand on social media? Is it to drive awareness and sales? Is it to beat competitor x in follower count? Is it to 'be part of the conversation'?